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One New Idea!

Everyday I have millions of ideas bursting inside my head. Ninety-nine percent of them are just trash I don't know what to do with it, neither if I should do something with it!

Then I had one of the 1% of fabulous ideas my mind is capable of pulling off... (well actually I've stolen it from a friend... but who cares?!)

The thing is, I need to practice my english writing, and there's no better way of doing it than writing (in english)! So, in order to seek improvement on this "art", I'll ressurect this blog, bringing it back from the hell I'd sent it, and restart my creativity for words! Since I'm very visual lately, with all this photography addiction I've got, I might bring some of that.

So, people who used to visit my blog before, when I was just an annoying pre-30-year-old idiot who liked to complain in verses, now you can come back and see more of a post-30-year-old idiot who likes to complains in verses AND in (raw) english! Hopefully I'll have something usefull to say, and my english teachers will be proud of me!

Give me feedback friends, if I'm killing the language or your sense of humor.


P.S.: image portrays neuron synapses.

P.S.2: So, if I have your approval, I might start everything all over again, even with a new blog!

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  Este blog é velho... muito velho... quase tão velho quanto eu! Já foi diário, já foi vitrine, já foi livro, foi uma tentativa de aula de inglês... agora, terá nova função: diário de viagem. Será?! Veremos...

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